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AePS - Aadhaar Enabled Payment System

AePS allows a customer to use Aadhaar and access their bank account to perform basic banking transactions like cash-deposit, cash-withdrawal, intrabank or interbank fund-transfer, balance-inquiry, and access their mini statement with just their fingerprint.


Easy Cash Withdrawal

AePS allows your retailers to turn their shop into an ATM and let customers withdraw cash using their Aadhaar & fingerprint.


Easy Cash Deposit

AePS also allows retailers to turn their shop into a cash deposit machine. Customers can then deposit cash at their shop with ease.


Quick Fund Transfer

With AePS customers will never have to go to a Bank or an ATM and they will not need a debit card also. Just transfer funds using fingerprint.


Instant Balance-inquiry

AePS allows customers to check their bank balance at a retailer’s shop instantly.


Mini Statement

AePS will also let customers take the mini statement of their account at a retailer’s shop.